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cross roadPlayed hard, was a topper in kindergarten, in school, an above average student in university, above average at my job. Never lacked zeal..Devotion and hardwork was my motto. Sometimes things happened just like that and sometimes I had to be on my toes and make them happen. But never settled for an average/mediocre life..

I am begining to finding myself clueless- directionless…life doesn't seem as much appealing, rain doesn't seem charming, flowers seems b/w and I no longer find gossips interesting. My decent $$$ paying work/job too seems like a routine and so has life.

At this particular moment, I find myself standing at a crossroad…

Not sure about the next step, not sure who to seek guidance, not sure if anyone can really guide me, not sure if i just want to wait for a devine voice to enlightment mah tired soul.

Sometime I just want to leave everything i am doing and head out to explore some unknown territories and these other times I wonder if i will be able to find something worthwhile ever.

May be now is the time to re-evaluate and replan my life

  • interests
  • job: what i wanna do with it/in it?
  • priorities: Do i need to reset my priorities?
  • personal life: marriage : what kinda girl to marry and where it fits in my plan?
  • future plans:where i wanna see myself 10 years from now…

Gotta take a plunge and make a decision.  

I know , whatever path I am gonna take, might just be totally unknown to me and it might plainly be scary to get out of my bubble of comfort.. But this is a risk , I am willing to take.

I want my life back.. 


Letter to the dwarf man in the elevator

To ,

Respected dwarf man in the elevator,

Probably you might not really be knowing me, but trust me I have become your biggest fan ever since I attended that "lateral thinking" training session.

I think those morons in the class has done injustice to you and your awesome personality and have neglected so many traits of your peronality. But you don't worry, I am gonna make sure that people know more about your personality rather than concentrating just on your height.

 I think you might just be..

  • Stupid
  • Hardworking
  • Health concious
  • Over planner
  • Suffers from rain-o-phobia
  • and ummm dwarf?

Well..sir you gotta be stupid to wait for some other person to be there in the elevator to be able to get to 12th floor. Com'on dude!! can't you carry a simple pen or a ruler a stick or something of that sort to give you a few additional inches so that you can press 12th floor button? I have yet to see an elevator where the distance between 10th floor button and 12th floor button is more than a cpl inches. Even if you are too lazy to carry any of those things, you can always jump a cpl inches and press that darn button.

You gotta be hardworking cuz you certainly doen't mind climbing up two flights stair. I am about probably twice tour height and i don't feel like using stairs specially when i come back from work. And also, considering your height the stairs might just be too tall for you. Don't you jump to get onto next stair? May be you are a health freak and might think of it as hyour daily dose of excersize. Kudos to you dude.

Wait!!! BS you can't be a health freak cuz when there is someone or when its raining you like to go directly to the 12th floor. So whats up with that huh?  

Probably you are a over planning freak-just like my boss.  Com'on when you start out for the job in the morning you hardly know if its gonna rain that day but as per the puzzle its evident that on every rainy day you are able to get to the 12th floor , so u are carrying an unbrella on every rainy day. Which sounds impractical unless we don't know our weather department really well. So i think when you get even a slightest indication of rain you will carry an umbrella. so definately an over planner.

Can I justify the point above by saying that you might just be hydrophobic? And probably always carry umbrella whether it rains or not.. 

I hope the door of your apartment is low enough for u to reach its handle.. and I hope the same for the toilet bowel in that apartment of yours..

Kindly reply back with your thoughts . Will keep spreading the words..

Thanking you!

Lateral thinking??My a**!!!

A man lives on the twelfth floor of an apartment building. Every morning he takes the elevator down to the lobby and leaves the building. In the evening, he gets into the elevator, and, if there is someone else in the elevator — or if it was raining that day — he goes back to his floor directly. Otherwise, he goes to the tenth floor and walks up two flights of stairs to his apartment.

Why would the man do that? cuzzzz….

The man is a dwarf. He can't reach the upper elevator buttons, but he can ask people to push them for him. He can also push them with his umbrella.

No Sooner than the question was put thru, I heard "the man is a dwarf" uninanimously. Ah! got it. so everyone was probably a genius in that class and I was the only dumb guy who couldn't crack this puzzle !

TOTAL B****S****!!!!! 

I don't know how this little puzzle can point to that one stereotype age old corporate concusion that the man was dwarf. There is way too much information in that little puzzle and its not at all sufficent to point my thinking in the "right" direction. The idea I got from this 2 hrs session is that the corporate devils just want our thinking to go in just one straight direction and not to mention that this direction will be pre-decided.

I am not sure how would that training guy would have reacted if I would have stood up in that class of budding ace-managers and told in his face that this problem and the solution is stupid and so is he.

But I am not gonna keep quiet. Someone, somehow gotta fight the injustice..

Next door toddler, a heart surgeon?

Two days back, my next door toddler ( about 9 years old) told me that when he grows up, he wants to be a heart surgeon.  

A total innocent statement, but strong enough to start a thread in my mind. Was that just one of those childhood banters that one forgets when he grows up or was that the sound of determination and preplanning. If he has decided what he is gonna do for next 70 years then he is gonna have hell lot of time to excel at whatever he wants to excel at.He can focus all his energy and time and money on that goal. Surely sounds awesome. Isn't it?

But but but, what if after a few life years, a lot more exposure and a few more introspections later he discovers that heart surgeon is not what he wanna be. May be he is a total misfit for that profession.What if he like to teach or discovers that he is too good at playing a musical instrument and has a great talent for becoming a musician? Will his early career decision still make as much sense?

Isn't it like driving a car? You start driving with one destination in mind and adjust the steering wheel as per the roads curvature untill u reach the destination. But what if at some point you discover that ur destination is not what u think it will be. Would u still drive towards that destination. Or would you change ur course to reach another worthwhile destination? U gotta make a choice. In which direction would you swing?

My prozac

"Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows that it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed.

Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows that it must out run the slowest gazelle or it will starve.

It does not matter whether you are a lion or gazelle. When the sun comes up you had better be running."

My prozac.In fact one of my prozacs.

 Whenever I feel overworked or burdened and start losing my zeal, somehow my brains takes a deep dive in my grey cells and proudly presents some uplifting thing/saying/incident, making me feel better instantaneously.

I know I ain't a lion or a gazelle (whatever the hell it might be) and I don't know  that if I will be able to run forever but I know, till I can, I shall..

First, break all the rules

So sooorry! I was away for a while, so couldn't update my site.. Actually I wasn't too away from computer, just that I just got hold of an amazing book "FIRST, BREAK ALL THE RULES" by Marcus Buckingham & Curt coffman.I was spending every inch of my spare time (breathing time/bathing time/travel time/dinner time in reading this book. I am hoping to read this again but this time, in a continuous stretch. Cuz I think reading this book in slices has stolen most of the sense of continuity that it greatly deserves.

This is what I am hoping of doing.

  • Read it in a stretch like a suspense-fiction. (status yet to commence)
  • Make notes       (status : yet to commence)
  • Buy this book (status : ordered)

 I would like to talk about this book in detail cuz this book has too much to say. Most of the people, situations, companies disucssed in this book are from everydays life.One feels like the part of the action. Gives me an alternative point of view of the conventional wisdom, which, I probably never explored. And surprizingly most of such contraditions are making sense.

Wondering..if the days of conventional wisdom over?

Whats ur take?

And life goes on and on.. and on..

Never been a big fan of those romanic movies and plays and poems and stories. I think those little things abduct the innocent mind to a place thats not real and most of the stuff in them is overrated, the feelings, the situations, the reactions. However the good thing about them is that they do give hopes, some innocent dreams, something to look forward to, something to dream about…, something worth living for…

I thought my little story was gonna be like a short story with a happy ending, from one of those big books from shakespear or may be like a short romantic movie… well well well only if wishes were horses… she is engaged, getting married… so She simply said no. Makes perfect sense. Probably, I would have done the same thing if I were her…

Even thou, the story didn't turn the way it does in those movies but I think something was different. When she said no, I never lost a beat, Never lost a wink of sleep, Never missed a smile, Never let go a happy moment, Never Never! My life is too precious for that.

It was ME who let my mind wander towards her and it will be ME who is gonna pull the plug on it.

But yeah One thing i gotta appreciate about this girl. For most people, after a rejection or acceptance of any such proposal,dymanics change and the typical reaction might vary from complete avoidance to complete intimacy. But here the things were different. She gracefully took it in her style, no ugly after-moments, no heart burns. The next morning she appeared in her usual self. joking, smiling, talking.. as if nothing happened. Now isn't that talks about her maturity… Kudos to u girl!!!So now you know why i proposed her even thou I kinda knew that she is gonna cold heartedly reject my proposal.

Sometimes hope becomes so strong that logic doesn't count.

(In your opinion, did I do the right thing ? )