Some genius Business Ideas

You have nooo idea how much proud I am feeling about myself for these few brilliant product ideas…

Unleasing the genius in me…

1. Cooling Sprays: How about a cooling spray that can bring instant relief to the poor souls getting overheated in hot tropical summer? One option can be some odorless fast evaporating liquid.. Bye bye summer…

2. How about the idea of having a temperature display on the beer/cola cans? Then I don't have to wonder about choosing the beer at the perfect temperature. I can just look at the display and pickup the one with just the perfect temperature for my gut.

Got any such brilliant super duper flashy ulti-multi intelligent idea?


4 responses to “Some genius Business Ideas

  1. Your fucking retarded.

  2. Fail

  3. its 2010 and you are 50% so far. Coors cold activated cans are basically what you described in #2. Maybe not an actual thermometer or digital read out but the same basic principle. Good job and never stop coming up with ideas! Fuck the feeble minded.

    ¡Viva La Imaginación!

  4. I agree with Tony about the idea and the feeble minded! I think that, people like us that are interested, should create a society, club or, what-ever you want to call it, to exchange ideas and working on them, turning some into million dollar ideas, and have common credit for those involved! Let me know what you think. seekingjoy2003 at

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