Why beauty and brain can never (or seldom) coexist?

well simply because god has written a switch statement

    case : Beauty
            NO BRAIN
    case : Brain
            NO BEAUTY
            Beauty with brains

(Code in god's native language)
lol not really. God doesn't really supply software. Just plain jane OS. Its upto that OS to program itself and trust me while you are reading this 'word' your OS is programming itself without your concious knowledge.
Since childhood a beautiful soul gets all the attention it wants just by the mere display of a beautiful smile ( that comes preinstalled with the OS). As she grows up she further learns that she is different from other underpriviledged OS available around her. While others are trying to excersize their grey muscles to get their way she can just make the things happen by a single gesture. Not to mention that latter is easier. By the time she reaches teenage, she pretty much knows every possible rule, that starts with beauty, ever written.By this time most of the gray cells she came fitted with are already dormant or dead.

Don't blame a beautiful soul next time , if you ever see her struggling to use her brain. Just appretiate the god's OS in its Native form.



5 responses to “Why beauty and brain can never (or seldom) coexist?

  1. I have thought about that.. but then I couldn’t figure it out….

  2. (smiles)

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  4. i used to always belive dst beauty comes first….well it does to all de boyz…but now….i was searching some points 4 dis topic….i guess now i realise dat beauty always dosnt come first….thanxx dude…

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