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Humanity vs bad guys. And the winner is…

They did it about 5 years back ,the  bad guys have done it yet once again but the difference is that this time they have done it without actually doing it. And as usual Media has not left any stone unturned to mark their triumph.It has been busy glorifying every act ever commited by bad guys. After all bad news sells faster than the speed of light.

 Recently northwest airline divertd its mumbai bound flight to Amsterdam just because some travellers who were muslims and had beards  exchanged cell phones a few times.No water, gel or any other liquid is now allowed on board not even the milk for babies. So basically that means that every father, every mother and every baby boardering the flight will be considered as a potential suspect. If they are of middle eastern or south asian decent then god only help them. May be that day is not far when authorities will be suspicious of natures elixir: mother’s milk.

Racial profiling and racial hatered once thought to be an extinct species in the modern free society, has been resurrected.People are once again scared to fly not  because they fear that they might be a victim of an act of terrorism but because they are afraid that they will be made a victim of racial profiling and in some cases severe racism. Needless to say that the chances of an act of terrorism are far far less than chances of being subjected to racial profiling or a racial comment or may be a glare, suspicious enough to make u feel ashamed of belonging to a country/religion. And No, such things don’t just happen once in a blue moon but have become a routine.  A fellow passenger has recently refused to board the flight as he was afraid that the gentleman sitting next to him, who was sporting a beard and was speaking arabic might be a terrorist.
It took mankind  few 100 revolutions,  few 1000 years and  a few million lives to become a free world and it took just a few sick minds and a few minutes to lose all that. For now it seems that bad guys have won , let’s see if humanity fights back…


How I deal with a no or a f***ing rejection

When a person asks someone  a question and gets a negative an answer or gets a rejection, the common reaction can vary from anger, frustration, low self confidence to an attitude of unworthiness. These feelings further get amplified when the rejection is from a girl or a member of opposite sex. 
Whatever whenever and wherever be the situation one can definately improve the chances of getting a yes by being prepared. After all luck is nothing but a date between preparation and opportunity.
1. Create a situation to  get her say yes:My favourite and very effective but requires a little bit of analysis and lot of hardwork. One needs be good at reading signs and body language. Spend a few minutes and minutely analyse the situation : who this girl is with?  Is she just hanging out with a bunch of boring coworkers or is she with some interesting ol’ pals. Is she more comfortable with a particular guy or girl in that group? Does she look  bored, will she like a quick fresh air break? is she thumping her legs with the beats? Does she wanna dance ? Once u have done your homework u can sense what this girl might like at this very moment, its time to go and hit it dude.

2.Just do it with a neutral attitude:one can walk to her with a neutral attitude. Neutral attitude means that you or your behaviour will not get influenced  by any answer u might get. Being neutral takes away most of the rejection related stress and helps u be yourself. Just be casual, be spontaneous and  be super quick. My personal experience says that the more time u spend in analyzing a situation more concious u are gonna get. Lesser chances u have of being in control of the situation. And this my friend, can be a lose lose situation.. So nike.. Just do it.
3. Go with a killer attitude : Go to her with a total killer ‘I am the best mankind can offer’ kinda attitude. Can work like a charm if u can suppliment it with a killer look. However you need to  be a master at being the  best.

4. Sense of humor : Keep your sense of humor at your fingertips. I have seen that a sense of humor can be the best med for relieving any situational stress. A good sense of humor can impress any darn women.

5. Sense of teasing : If you can keep your sense of humor at ur tips try keeping your teasing sense up your sleeves. Use ‘sandwich rule’ You are allowed to  tease her once between two funny moments.

6.Body language. No creature ever born on mother earth can beat a female in reading body language. Work on your body language and other subtle sign. Buy a full length mirror and work on your BL,  Facial gestures, smile, shoulders, arms and hand moments, shifting weight, bent knees, neck and face moment. Develop an elegant style of walking.. Cool releaxed yet in control. The way you step tells a lot about ur attitude. Just a little pointers : locate the coolest guys fron hollywood movies and butcher every damn action/move they do on the screen.
7. Graceful exit : Unfortunately if you still get a rejection, second best thing you can do is to exit with style. Make sure that she realize that she has just ignored the greatest  dude on this planet.

Terminator 4: The rise of Eves

Yup that’s so true. After ruling this earth since the time of Adam and Eve, the stage for the dusk of Man has finally being set. Ever since the birth of adam, the men has been the most dominant animal on the face of earth.Men being the stronger of the two sexes, being a bread earner and being a protector of the herd, always had an upper hand in all the walks of life. Started primarily as a hunter, men has diversified himself with a wide range of professions, like a farmer, hunter, artisan, mason or a warrior. He has always been the strongest, always been the protector of the family.

 Women, on the other hand, always been the submissive sex. Her body structure and hormones have forced her to just be contented with being a home maker. Her primary responsibility has always been giving birth to men’s off-springs, rearing them and doing all other house keeping chores. No one can be blamed for such inequality. This is the way nature intended them to be and this system has been working well for last so many 1000s of years untill now…

With the changing society, women has come up a long way. People don’t fight anymore. They don’t hunt. They no longer have to use their muscles to earn a chunk of meat n bread. Now the field is leveled as it was never before.. Swords has given way to words, gray muscle has become powerful than any other muscle the body can supply, the only tools one needs to create wonders is now a mouse and a keyboard. Which doesn’t differentiate between sexes. Till now I talked about women catching up with the status of men, faster than the speed of light. The noon of men’s empire. But now the time is changing once again. Women use both part of their brain to coordinate day to day activities. This unique ability gives them multi-tasking ability. Until now they used this unique natural ability to manage home but now they are using this potential weapon to manage things at work and a result they are coming up as more efficient managers. Not only at workplace, women seem to have an unfair advantage in almost all the walks of life. While women use two half of their brain to think and us guys use both our heads to make decisions and needless to say that most of the time, influenced by testosterone, the lower head comes out to be the winner. Equipped with this potent weapon, the women kind is all set to conquer this world.

Seems that the sun is about to set for men 🙂