The begining of a dream – 12th of November 2010

I have been in a dilemma for a long time-about the purpose of my mere existence, about the use of my capabilities and if I have the strength to turn my dreams into reality…

Lately, I have been off the air for a while because of some personal turmoil in my life… and like the very nature of life it was unexpected. It almost proved  that life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans… and I think Life has happened to me in the past two years.

In the past two years I have been at the highest and at the lowest ends of my life and strangely the dates for both has shown absolute coincidence with a difference of exactly a year.. Stranger than fiction but true.. but you know the good news?  I have survived both the best times and worst times so far with the help of almighty..

It has been nothing short of a wonderful experience although My whole family has landed in trouble cuz of that but I have learnt a very important lesson- That life is a blindfolded walk on the edge.

One may get a false sense of pride and confidence if he has walked for a period of life but one never knows when one might tumble.  Oblivious to my walk on the edge, I was living in a shell of false confidence of a secured and perfect life that I have mastered the walk of life and can run, sprint or just jog anything I want.  I assumed life to be a well defined secured shell when I was the master where i was in control.  I didnt realize that this false sense of being in total control made me drop my guards. My  energy, my quest for excellence and all my childhood dreams became wishes and slowly wishes were fogotten. Simply cuz for a person in control those were too easy to fullfil and too dificult to get challenged> I knew everything and everything was in my control.

in the past one year with just one stroke of fate all that illusion is shattered. I have woken up to the reality that what I have right now is given… I lost all my savings in the past few months. Our family’s reputation and credibility has been put on stake  and in other words I have hit a lowest point in my life… I am not sure if life has some more blows planned for me but from this point onwards… I am taking control… I will fight back… if I dont make it happen now life might not give me another chance…if i am not given a chance I will have to take it myself…

 With this revelation on the evening of 12th of November 2010, which holds a special significance in my heart… I pledged to make my dreams come true….

Starting to walk on the end again… but this time… i am gonna make each step count…

All i need is his blessings, a fire in my heart and  your support..


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