Unsafe Delhi unsafe women

A few days back, I was tuned into radio in the morning and sum discussion was going on with RJ’s and public regarding the safety of women/girls in Delhi. One lawyer picked up the phone and suggested that the girls shouldn’t wear provocative clothes to avoid getting undesired attention. The RJ retorted back with a Deemak “termite” example. He said that the anti social elements are like deemak (Termites) and if deemak  (termite) attacks ur furniture u dont change furniture but u attack deemak so here police should take some measures for those anti social elements rather than telling girls what to wear and what not..

So much for the intelligence of this RJ. I have a few question for him.

1. When deemak (termite) attacks ur furniture, do you blindly go for terminating that pest even though u know that there is NO foolproof measure to stop the growth. If it is contained for a few months it will reappear after sometime.

2. Don’t he even think of getting Furniture coated with anti termite coating?

3. Does he ever think of buying a kind of furniture made up of special wood like rubber wood which doesn’t get termites

4. Does he ever think of getting newer steel furniture?

I guess not… cuz in my opinion he failed to understand that sometimes, it’s easier to change whats under your own control rather than telling the world to change. All the moral values and ideologies apart I believe a girl who wear modest clothes have lesser chances of provoking  a comment or gesture than a girl who is wearing revealing clothes. If girls have the liberty to wear whatever they like, I believe then guys should have the liberty of saying what they like.

So i believe in the benefit of the society, our protection is in our hands as its easier to change myself rather than dreaming about changing the mindset of the whole society. I few measures I would like to suggest to all my fellow citizens of Delhi be it be girl or guys..

1. Dress modestly and according to occasion. avoid venturing in deserted locations specially after dark and especially now a days when the streets get deserted due to cold weather much earlier.

2. carry some kind of protection in the form of pepper sprays, chilli sprays or some small nail filers or something similar. Carry panic alarm devices.

3. Set your phone on speed dials.. so that pressing one key would initiate a call to your near and dear ones

4. Keep in touch with your folks at home continuously thru phone so that they are aware of your whereabouts

5. Remember the help line numbers and keep them handy. ( http://www.delhipolice.nic.in/home/helpline/helpline.aspx )

6.  Keep a mental map of police gypsies and post locations on your way or around your area.

7. Whenever you venture around keep your eyes and ears open. Keep track of any suspicious vehicle or ppl moment around you.

8. Learn the art of self-defence. It would give you lot of confidence and prepare you for the worst.

9. Now-a-days all police PCRs have been instructed to leave a girl at her home in case she needs help. So make use of that and avoid taking any risk.

And leave the rest to that almighty…

I want my Delhi safe. I want our citizens safe. I want to make sure when anyone goes out, his/her near and dear ones can be certain of his/her safety and that he/she would come back safe and sound!!!

Cheers! and Amen!


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