“The social network” vs “When life is your playground”

Finally I could lay my hands on the movie I have been dying to watch – “The social network”. Awesome movie. Totally blew off my mind. As if this movie was totally in line with my financial goals for this year – 20 lacs from my entrepreneurship endeavours. 

It was amazing to see the dedication mark had about his site. the energy that Shawn displays, the conception and how this guy could just get the switch of Kirkland House collapse within an hour of launching his website.


“2200 hits in an hour?:

” Thousand”


“22 thousand hits in an hour”


“Its begining to rain”

“Excuse me. Do you have my full attention”


“Ok. Do I deserve your full attention”


I wonder whether it was the site – facemash or the background of Harvard  or the geniuses of Mark or his luck.. but his site was exceptionally accepted.

 While mine.. lol  6000 hits in around 5 years lol…. pretty neat huh! don’t worry Mark bro, i am catching up 😛


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