Weight limit in airplane

While sitting at the lounge of an airport, I couldn’t stop thinking about the gifts I had to unload from my check-in baggage’s. Most international and domestic airlines have specified an upper limit for the weight and dimension of the baggage’s.

As a 5 feet 8 inches tall fellow who weights little over 62 Kgs, I couldn’t help thinking about the logic behind setting the weight limit for baggages. In my simple mind, if more weight means more fuel consumption and more fuel consumption equates to higher operations cost, why the weight of a passenger is not taken into consideration by the airliners?

Shouldn’t a thin and light weighted person be allowed to carry heavier luggage’s than a overweight person so that the weight per person (including baggages) remains within the weight limit.


2 responses to “Weight limit in airplane

  1. Heavy people have it bad enough. Do you really want to make them feel worse about their condition by making them pay more?

  2. nope. I dont want to. But logicallyspeaking why should thin people pay more?
    The airlines worry about weight per passanger and that shud include passengers weight as well as his\her baggage weight

    Dont you think such a rule will motivate overweight ppl to work out and gain both in terms of health as well as more carryon baggae

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