Soo.. how and why did I decide to enter this weird and strange world of sharing my life with the whole wide world? No no Nopes.. Truman show is not my fav movie.. So Bad guess and you lost points for that ) .

A few days back I was talking to a dear friend of mine (Will tell about him later ) explaining the difference between goal and wish. In my opinion the only difference between goal and a wish is a “time stamp” . Somehow that mortal has some different notion about it. Well The argument didn’t last for long, however that left me wondnering..

I started wondering about my life… and a simple ? popped up in one of my brightly lit grey cells. Do I want mah dear life to be a jouurey of perpetual wishes or do I want it to be a Journey of definate goals, dreams and ambitions. ummm… latter definately sounds better!!

But again aha! my grey cells at work…. whats the best way of putting a time stamp on my wishes? and who should I go to if I need some guidance? My folks? My friends? My colleagues? umm.. how about neither.. Why? No no no it doesn’t mean that I don’t have people in life I can trust and go for guidance but still…. In my opinion,I am looking for a few more things here… say how about things like unbiasness, honesty and annonymity??

So dear friends… its time for me to get back to my dear life… stay tuned for the next episode of Mylife@whenlifeisyourplayground


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