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Time Vs Cash

What if I give you some dollars, say $80 and tell you, 'hey bob, this is all you can ever spent thru out your life'. What are you gonna do ?

( you can answer even if your name is not bob).

 Spend it wisely?  Buy stocks? Judious Investment? Yada yada..
Well if the thought of spending that little amount can make our brain think of all possible avenues of juciously spend that meagre amount, I wonder why that thought hardly crosses  our minds when we are spending our most precious and irreplacable commodity : time ?

 The main difference between the richest man on this earth and the poorest man here might just be the way they spend their time and what they exchange their time with…

Any ideas?


When a business mind talks…

Long time back when I was doing my undergrad  I used to know this old guy who used to run this little roadside snacks store  and also supply milk to the students in my  dorm.
Although he  was pretty well to do  finacially but he would still go out, on his little bicycle and sell little toys, on a hot summer day, when the  water in the nearby lake was a degree short of boiling. One fine day when I asked him about that , he told me about his why's.  Although I  found that conersation pretty boring for a hot summer day but now I am beginning to understand and appreciate his insight. Here, me trying to consolidate a few important things that I learnt and realize…

  •  A   business mind tries to explore every possible avenue of making money while the service mind is busy finding out all possible avenues of spending  monthly fixed  paycheck.
  • This mental makeup alone  is sufficient to bring about  a drastic change in ones lifestyle.. 
  • For a business mind, sky is the earning limit but a service mind's horizon is limited by the paycheck he gets at the end of the month.
  • A business mind sees a business opportunity in everything it comes across, while  a service mind normally fails to see any such thing cuz his mind gets conditioned to think of any opportunity outside his job domain as  irrational.
  • A business mind  is more of a risk taker than a service mind.


  • A service mind  has more peace of mind as it pretty much know the date and  amount of $$ its gonna get
  • Financial  planning is easier.
  • It can plan its resources better.
  • With the earning being taken care of in 9a.m.-5p.m., a business mind can always do in the holidays,weekends.. 

Etc…. etc…

My family has  a service tradition. I can see both the pros and cons of that. Since us siblings are in jobs, I can see the tradition getting carried forward..Althought I have a lovely job and i get a decent $$ amount per month (thank god for that) but still something in me is asking me to break this tradition..

May be…. one day I will….