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My fellow Morning walkers…

Today, I went out for jogging again!! although it was quite an effort to drag myself  out of coziness of my bed. But still i did it.. went to the park after dropping my mom to her school. She is a teacher.

The moment i stepped into tha gate of the park i realized that the temperature has suddenly fallen by a few degrees for sure. I adjusted all my necklaces and shoved them inside my shirt. They have a nasty habit of making their presence felt while i am in full swing jogging.

Today I turned on my GPS on my cellphone and started the trip meter to find out the distance i would jog.  as usual I selected a starting point and started jogging. The shoes held good. so far the patch work done  my Doc Mochi seems to work fine. first few minutes were quite tiring and i felt lot of muscles getting pulled in the length and breath of my leg and even my breath and heart beat seemed above normal.. but i was like “beta.. today is mah jogging day so pull up and go on…” and i went on.. fortunately those initial pains started disappearing after a few more minutes of jogging and i found myself moving into a more natural pace in rhythm with my body.

1.6 KM was the trip reading on my GPS when i thought of taking a small break. I wanted to give some rest to my body that was not too accustomed to running like that.. I walked a few minutes and then again that feeling of  “beta… go go go” and i started once again… ran for around .8 km when i stopped for a few minutes to adjust my headphones.. Did another round of 1.6 Km lap before stopping…

I am trying to jog on the kutchcha “muddy” path so as to avoid any repetitive stress related injury to any of my joints and bones and I can very well see the difference when I have to jog for a few seconds on a hard pavement.

Besides that I feel surprised that there are elderly ppl who are in the habit of walking in series and blocking the whole way such that no fellow person can pass or overtake them. Most of the time, I find myself stepping off of the path to accomodate these guys. which doesn’t make sense. I have as much right to the path as they have and since they are the one who are walking in group and blocking way they should at least stagger their walk and give way. I dunno where this common courtesy of giving way to a fellow jogger disappeared????


Nov 28th 2010 – Momma I started jogging :)

Besides setting up a financial goal for myself, I have been thinking of other goals to keep my sanity in place. One such goal is having a healthy body. in fact due to continuous commuting between home and office in a cramped cab coupled with my long sitting hours in front of computer screen, I developed frequent pain in my neck and lower back areas. In June July timeframe, I started getting cramps in my neck and had to go thru MRI. in MRI scan it came out that a few of my backbone’s cartilages have started to deteriorate chronically and hence my back and neck problems.  Even thou I am not in favour of taking pain relieving medicines but at that time, I had to take those to get myself back on my feet.  Doctor gave me medicines for 3 weeks and also suggested some frikkin Ozone injection. and I was like… O..Z..O..N..E..????

That incident gave me a jolt about the misconception I was carrying about the health of my body. I realized that its high time now and I must do something. Over next few days I did an analysis of my daily routing to track what all factors were causing my problems, I found out that

1. I get pain when I sit for long hours

2. I get pain if I keep my neck down for a long time

3. I get pain when I keep my neck stretched on one side for long.

4. When I walk, I feel relaxed and my pain eases.

Sooo.. I stopped taking medicines after a week of starting them and instead Rxed taking a walk. I asked my cab to drop my about 2 km from my home and 1 km from my workplace. So i started clocking around 10-15 km of walk in a week… I started taking frequent breaks from my sitting posture. I started walking briskly and corrected my sitting and sleeping posture.

During July August and september timeframe I started clocking around 30-35 km of walk per week. The frequency of walk was little abrupt due to frequent rains and water logging.

In October end, I tried jogging for the first time on the last saturday of the month. i was in so much josh 🙂 and ended up spoiling my weekend. Wasn’t able to move and all my body parts were making their presence felt in their own sweet way. But I didn’t stop and Went again for jogging the next weekend – the weekend of Diwali.. Now.. my ankle started hurting so bad that i had to limp back from the park.

I realize that it was cuz of my old sports shoes. One side of my left sport shoe developed a crack and while jogging i was carefully making subconscious efforts to keep the crack from opening wider. It might have caused a unbalacing effect on my ankle i guess..

That weekend I surfed net to find out an economic and reliable pair of sports shoes but darn lol… any pair of these branded sports shoes were over Rs 2000. Huge amount :). I already have had back experience with Rs700 sports shoes. Those were SPORTs shoes for just namesake… but the build quality and material was just too bad for running. I didn’t want state of the art running shoes just a reliable shoe that I can run on and on and run..

After searching for about 3 weeks finally I gave up my search and focussed back on my ripped up sport shoes.  The crack was really big. so I purchased  a Rs 20 Quick fix and shoved the whole tube in that crack and Voila!! the crack was sealed :). I tried stretching shoes a few times and found that it could just work.

Went for jogging happily. Put up my cellphone’s earphones, selected one of my favourite song for running, selected the perfect starting point for jogging and started jogging, 1-2-1-2 🙂

before the song could finish… the shoe gave up…. and when I came back .. the shoe was in worst situation than I began with… lol 🙂

My jogging plan was about to go down the drain when my mom suggested if I wanna try “mochi” instead of doing my own experimentation 😛 . on Saturday I took my sick shoe to Doc Mochi… and gave him 5 rs extra to make my shoe bullet proof.. lol… Excited by the extra tip he has sewed my shoe at all the places where needle can be inserted lol 😛

I further paid him Rs 10 to polish my sports shoe black so that black thread was not visible…. and then came home with a brand new pair of shoes well.. almost and oh with  a new greyish white spotty shade.. 🙂

So yesterday, I put an alarm for 6 :00 as its dark at that time 😛 perfect time to test my shoe… and guess what… it worked… i jogged and jogged… in mud, on pavement, on grass and it didn’t show any sign of giving up… that extra investment of Rs 10 + 5 paid up :). Now i got a perfect running shoe for Rs 15. Only thing now I have to buy is a black cherry liquid polish and my white sports shoe will remain shining and black for ever hehe 🙂 so hey!!!!…i started jogging !!!!!!!