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11.6 Months – Getting started-

I am just getting started. Having wasted 13 days out of this year, i am begining to feel the pressure. in betwen all the turmoil i am going thru on my personal front, I realize that thinking and dreaming about this goal gives me the much needed relaxation… Strange.. earlier the same thought of doing something in life used to make me tensed lol

A few things I think I can give a make or break shot

1. Share market

2. Real Estate market

3. Tuitions and lectures

4. Software/business model

5. Govt bonds

6. Mutual funds

7. Interest in Bank

8. Sattebaji/betting

9. Do a double shift job/additional job

10. Any other that you can suggest…


Personality Gauge

Lovers? Ever had heart breaks?She turned out to be a totally different person that you initially thought?

Managers? Ever recruited a wrong guy?

Strangers? Ever got cheated by a stranger?

I wonder if it will ever be possible to make a  device that would inspect and tell you about the basic traits of a human such as honesty, sense of humor, Moral-values, nature, intelligence, ethics etc. One should be able to get a measurement of all those traits by pointing a device in the direction of a person we want to know more about…Something like a personality decoder.

 Will it ever be possible to decode a mind or is human mind is gonna remain one of the most mysterious places in the universe. 


cross roadPlayed hard, was a topper in kindergarten, in school, an above average student in university, above average at my job. Never lacked zeal..Devotion and hardwork was my motto. Sometimes things happened just like that and sometimes I had to be on my toes and make them happen. But never settled for an average/mediocre life..

I am begining to finding myself clueless- directionless…life doesn't seem as much appealing, rain doesn't seem charming, flowers seems b/w and I no longer find gossips interesting. My decent $$$ paying work/job too seems like a routine and so has life.

At this particular moment, I find myself standing at a crossroad…

Not sure about the next step, not sure who to seek guidance, not sure if anyone can really guide me, not sure if i just want to wait for a devine voice to enlightment mah tired soul.

Sometime I just want to leave everything i am doing and head out to explore some unknown territories and these other times I wonder if i will be able to find something worthwhile ever.

May be now is the time to re-evaluate and replan my life

  • interests
  • job: what i wanna do with it/in it?
  • priorities: Do i need to reset my priorities?
  • personal life: marriage : what kinda girl to marry and where it fits in my plan?
  • future plans:where i wanna see myself 10 years from now…

Gotta take a plunge and make a decision.  

I know , whatever path I am gonna take, might just be totally unknown to me and it might plainly be scary to get out of my bubble of comfort.. But this is a risk , I am willing to take.

I want my life back.. 

And life goes on and on.. and on..

Never been a big fan of those romanic movies and plays and poems and stories. I think those little things abduct the innocent mind to a place thats not real and most of the stuff in them is overrated, the feelings, the situations, the reactions. However the good thing about them is that they do give hopes, some innocent dreams, something to look forward to, something to dream about…, something worth living for…

I thought my little story was gonna be like a short story with a happy ending, from one of those big books from shakespear or may be like a short romantic movie… well well well only if wishes were horses… she is engaged, getting married… so She simply said no. Makes perfect sense. Probably, I would have done the same thing if I were her…

Even thou, the story didn't turn the way it does in those movies but I think something was different. When she said no, I never lost a beat, Never lost a wink of sleep, Never missed a smile, Never let go a happy moment, Never Never! My life is too precious for that.

It was ME who let my mind wander towards her and it will be ME who is gonna pull the plug on it.

But yeah One thing i gotta appreciate about this girl. For most people, after a rejection or acceptance of any such proposal,dymanics change and the typical reaction might vary from complete avoidance to complete intimacy. But here the things were different. She gracefully took it in her style, no ugly after-moments, no heart burns. The next morning she appeared in her usual self. joking, smiling, talking.. as if nothing happened. Now isn't that talks about her maturity… Kudos to u girl!!!So now you know why i proposed her even thou I kinda knew that she is gonna cold heartedly reject my proposal.

Sometimes hope becomes so strong that logic doesn't count.

(In your opinion, did I do the right thing ? )

Some genius Business Ideas

You have nooo idea how much proud I am feeling about myself for these few brilliant product ideas…

Unleasing the genius in me…

1. Cooling Sprays: How about a cooling spray that can bring instant relief to the poor souls getting overheated in hot tropical summer? One option can be some odorless fast evaporating liquid.. Bye bye summer…

2. How about the idea of having a temperature display on the beer/cola cans? Then I don't have to wonder about choosing the beer at the perfect temperature. I can just look at the display and pickup the one with just the perfect temperature for my gut.

Got any such brilliant super duper flashy ulti-multi intelligent idea?

Rising heat

The temperature is on the track for breaking all the previous records. 45 degrees??? Are upo nuttsss?? Thats 8 degrees more than the temperature of human  body and about 23 degrees more than the feel good temperature for us humans..

And its hardly May dude! Wondering, how June is gonna be, which is considered as the hottest months in this country.

Spent all night tossing around on the roof , like a ghost. And the whole day today I felt nothing more than a Zombie. Not sure which of these two should make me feel better.

Just hoping to  survive one more summer…

Can't our top notch brilliantly minded scientist develop something like an energy sucker or say heat sucker?? Small round ball that has the infinite ability to suck all the heat from the material around it? and wait.. it shouldn't need any external source of energy like electricity to run.

I will definately buy two of those… one for my home and other one for my car…