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And life goes on and on.. and on..

Never been a big fan of those romanic movies and plays and poems and stories. I think those little things abduct the innocent mind to a place thats not real and most of the stuff in them is overrated, the feelings, the situations, the reactions. However the good thing about them is that they do give hopes, some innocent dreams, something to look forward to, something to dream about…, something worth living for…

I thought my little story was gonna be like a short story with a happy ending, from one of those big books from shakespear or may be like a short romantic movie… well well well only if wishes were horses… she is engaged, getting married… so She simply said no. Makes perfect sense. Probably, I would have done the same thing if I were her…

Even thou, the story didn't turn the way it does in those movies but I think something was different. When she said no, I never lost a beat, Never lost a wink of sleep, Never missed a smile, Never let go a happy moment, Never Never! My life is too precious for that.

It was ME who let my mind wander towards her and it will be ME who is gonna pull the plug on it.

But yeah One thing i gotta appreciate about this girl. For most people, after a rejection or acceptance of any such proposal,dymanics change and the typical reaction might vary from complete avoidance to complete intimacy. But here the things were different. She gracefully took it in her style, no ugly after-moments, no heart burns. The next morning she appeared in her usual self. joking, smiling, talking.. as if nothing happened. Now isn't that talks about her maturity… Kudos to u girl!!!So now you know why i proposed her even thou I kinda knew that she is gonna cold heartedly reject my proposal.

Sometimes hope becomes so strong that logic doesn't count.

(In your opinion, did I do the right thing ? )


Finally made up …she is the gir….lol :) Yeah Right!!

Why why why????? why some girls are master at giving all the wrong messed up signals to us innocent creatures? Why they like to play with us?? Just cuz we guys are innocent and humble and nice and caring and sharing and devoted and dedicated to their species, it doesn't give them any right to be inhuman to us? :((
lol ok enough cribbing.. 🙂

sooo… well do you remember that ms. beauty with blah blah..

so ok.. I am never that crazy but this time, I blurted it out!!!!!! I proposed her… lol.

On that fateful day, everything was perfect… the hot and sweaty day, that lovely stale wind, overworked birds, wind temperature, my temperature, the speed (of the cab) the driver (was hard of hearing), my location, her location, the road, that melodious honking of that beaten up car (standing behind our cab).Perfect perfect perfect…!!! Everything happened like the way you see in one of those pathetic yet romantic movies…Thats it.. this is moment dude !! GOO FOR IT!!!!

so I called her … she turned around (I think the angle was around 75 degrees right) she looked back at me (i am always a back bencher in my cab…ever since my school days.. I could never get myself out of that front desk/seat phobia)… and said, "yeah?" in her oh soo melodious voice…..

Although I really wanted to ask for a wet towel to wipe out all those sweat droplets from my forehead, underarms, chest and every darn part of my body..and then religiously follow one of those exit sttrategies listed by me sometime back, but instead, I decided to take the call.

I looked into her lovely eyes..and blurted those 3.5 god forbidden words…

She looked amused…. looked around..(as if looking around for some stick to spank my as*) and said, "Are you makin fun of me?" well i said with all my personal and borrowed seriousness..,"nope, I am serious" duh! can't u see me getting dehydrated cuz of all that sweat drainage ?

 "well, thanks, I am engaged and getting married in three months…"

Finally made up my mind, that she is the gir….

 Bible says "ask and thy shall get"  (Thats the only thing I remember from Bible) And hey Jesus can never be wrong.. can he? Sooo after giving lot of thoughts I have finally made up my mind… Boy.. sometimes little things like these can be a daunting task.

I am just gonna go to her and blurt out whatever I have on my mind.. ok not gonna blurt out but will probably say in the sanest possible way.  What she will say and how she is gonna react, I am totally not sure. Why? duh! cuz we never had the chance to communicate on a level that is required for such interaction.. 

Some Exit strategies . I might consider…

  • Might wear my running shoes just in case I have to run a cross country marathon immediately after that. 
  • Might put some used motor oil saved in my garage from the last oild change and rub it all over my body, just  in case she wants to grab me before she can start beating me up.
  • Might not wear my lenses (although I hardly need them) and in case situation goes out of control, I can tell her that since i am not wearing my contacts… I might have got the wrong girl.
  • Might not take a bath for a few weeks before i go to her so she would be scared to touch/slap.
  • And if nothing works .. I will just tell her that she reminds me of my granny 🙂 

As i said that i have seen some +ve signs from her side but when a person likes another person( girl), signs can very well be misintrepreted. So I am not gonna count on my perception here. 

 standing by…just waiting for the right moment….. 

Wish me luck… 

is it…?

Lately, This girl i know… Ms. beauty with brain.

I didn't really like her when I first saw her. Seems that she was stubby and had an attitude. Two things I hate the most.

But yeah, thats just the first impression and I always give another chance to make a first impression..

well that was about three months back…Impossible become possible and during last three months I witnessed another impossibility made possible.

My first impression began to dissolve, just like an innocent piece of comphor when its put in fire. Gradually, it underwent an unexpected 180 degrees turn.During those months, I got a chance to interact with her. However, my initial interactions with her were pretty much formal…

To my utter surprise, she came out as one of the most sensible girl I have ever met. Funny to the core, smart and intelligent, honest and sweet. More I started knowing her.. more i wanted to know about her…

Her attitude and stubiness, everything, started making sense.. She is not really stubby but has an independent mind and independent thinking, not influenced by what people think. An attitude, that was reflective of her confidence, a presence of mind that can put any arrogant soul to shame.

Everything about her became special.. her eyes.. her smile.. the way she would close her eyes and rest her cheek on her palm, the way she would put her hands on her eyes to ward of that evil Sun..the way she looks at me, the way I find her trying to explore more about me thru that little window called eyes…..

Love fundamentals

I am a firm believer of No love at first sight. I amean com'on, how can one fall in love the first sight??? I think "love at first sight" =basically= infactuation.

Oh come on.. only things a guy can see at the first glance is a girl's eyes.., color, hair, height? weight? boo#s?

Not denying that those things are not worth watching and adoring..but.. i think those are not just enough to make someone fall in love.. oh wait.. i know people who fall in "love" with a protrudin bossom.. or a tight butt..

but thats not the love I am talkin about..

I think it takes time before love can develop.. and for that to happen you gotta know her inside out.. Its like the more you know her the more you like her, the more you like her the more you love her.. and this goes on and on and on.. just like a duracell 🙂

I consider myself pretty well balanced and practical individual. And most of the time, my consideration about myself is correct:).

But I think… things might just change for once…

Fun long weekend II

Soo.. getting back to the weekend thingy..  and Sunday was busy for me. Why?? cuz I was driving all day watching and interacting with my potential mates … It’s a strange age-old tradition. The more I am getting the hang of this tradition the more I am starting to understand the complexity of it. Selecting or choosing a mate is not an easy job.. there are just too many variables involved in the equation and balancing the equation can be a tough job sometimes. Sometimes I will discard the equation all together.. and these other time my folks will give a null pointer exception or just a plain core dump. And trust me.. Debugging those errors can be a daunting task sometimes..