airtel’s feedback strategy- how to keep customers happy

No Place for a bad feedback. The worse feedback an unsatisfied customer can give them is that they are doing OK LOL… Sunil bharti Mittal ji.. are you listening????


Weight limit in airplane

While sitting at the lounge of an airport, I couldn’t stop thinking about the gifts I had to unload from my check-in baggage’s. Most international and domestic airlines have specified an upper limit for the weight and dimension of the baggage’s.

As a 5 feet 8 inches tall fellow who weights little over 62 Kgs, I couldn’t help thinking about the logic behind setting the weight limit for baggages. In my simple mind, if more weight means more fuel consumption and more fuel consumption equates to higher operations cost, why the weight of a passenger is not taken into consideration by the airliners?

Shouldn’t a thin and light weighted person be allowed to carry heavier luggage’s than a overweight person so that the weight per person (including baggages) remains within the weight limit.

“The social network” vs “When life is your playground”

Finally I could lay my hands on the movie I have been dying to watch – “The social network”. Awesome movie. Totally blew off my mind. As if this movie was totally in line with my financial goals for this year – 20 lacs from my entrepreneurship endeavours. 

It was amazing to see the dedication mark had about his site. the energy that Shawn displays, the conception and how this guy could just get the switch of Kirkland House collapse within an hour of launching his website.


“2200 hits in an hour?:

” Thousand”


“22 thousand hits in an hour”


“Its begining to rain”

“Excuse me. Do you have my full attention”


“Ok. Do I deserve your full attention”


I wonder whether it was the site – facemash or the background of Harvard  or the geniuses of Mark or his luck.. but his site was exceptionally accepted.

 While mine.. lol  6000 hits in around 5 years lol…. pretty neat huh! don’t worry Mark bro, i am catching up 😛

Delhi Road beautification

While travelling in radio taxi in the southern region of Delhi, I found my driver using all sort of road tactics and maneuvers to move ahead in traffic with utmost disrespect for the lane system.

On the next red light I after exchanging initial pleasantry, I asked him  ” Driver bhaiya.. ye road pe white lines kyon banati hai govt?”(why do govt paint the road with white markings)”

He confidently replied “are bhai ye isliye hoti hai ki road sunder dikhe, kali sadak achchi nahi lagegi” (hey brother the markings are for the sole purpose of beautification of road, without these markings the black bland road doesn’t look good)

 Probably govt. should paint the road with seven colors of the rainbow then they would look even more beautiful….

Unsafe Delhi unsafe women

A few days back, I was tuned into radio in the morning and sum discussion was going on with RJ’s and public regarding the safety of women/girls in Delhi. One lawyer picked up the phone and suggested that the girls shouldn’t wear provocative clothes to avoid getting undesired attention. The RJ retorted back with a Deemak “termite” example. He said that the anti social elements are like deemak (Termites) and if deemak  (termite) attacks ur furniture u dont change furniture but u attack deemak so here police should take some measures for those anti social elements rather than telling girls what to wear and what not..

So much for the intelligence of this RJ. I have a few question for him.

1. When deemak (termite) attacks ur furniture, do you blindly go for terminating that pest even though u know that there is NO foolproof measure to stop the growth. If it is contained for a few months it will reappear after sometime.

2. Don’t he even think of getting Furniture coated with anti termite coating?

3. Does he ever think of buying a kind of furniture made up of special wood like rubber wood which doesn’t get termites

4. Does he ever think of getting newer steel furniture?

I guess not… cuz in my opinion he failed to understand that sometimes, it’s easier to change whats under your own control rather than telling the world to change. All the moral values and ideologies apart I believe a girl who wear modest clothes have lesser chances of provoking  a comment or gesture than a girl who is wearing revealing clothes. If girls have the liberty to wear whatever they like, I believe then guys should have the liberty of saying what they like.

So i believe in the benefit of the society, our protection is in our hands as its easier to change myself rather than dreaming about changing the mindset of the whole society. I few measures I would like to suggest to all my fellow citizens of Delhi be it be girl or guys..

1. Dress modestly and according to occasion. avoid venturing in deserted locations specially after dark and especially now a days when the streets get deserted due to cold weather much earlier.

2. carry some kind of protection in the form of pepper sprays, chilli sprays or some small nail filers or something similar. Carry panic alarm devices.

3. Set your phone on speed dials.. so that pressing one key would initiate a call to your near and dear ones

4. Keep in touch with your folks at home continuously thru phone so that they are aware of your whereabouts

5. Remember the help line numbers and keep them handy. ( )

6.  Keep a mental map of police gypsies and post locations on your way or around your area.

7. Whenever you venture around keep your eyes and ears open. Keep track of any suspicious vehicle or ppl moment around you.

8. Learn the art of self-defence. It would give you lot of confidence and prepare you for the worst.

9. Now-a-days all police PCRs have been instructed to leave a girl at her home in case she needs help. So make use of that and avoid taking any risk.

And leave the rest to that almighty…

I want my Delhi safe. I want our citizens safe. I want to make sure when anyone goes out, his/her near and dear ones can be certain of his/her safety and that he/she would come back safe and sound!!!

Cheers! and Amen!

My fellow Morning walkers…

Today, I went out for jogging again!! although it was quite an effort to drag myself  out of coziness of my bed. But still i did it.. went to the park after dropping my mom to her school. She is a teacher.

The moment i stepped into tha gate of the park i realized that the temperature has suddenly fallen by a few degrees for sure. I adjusted all my necklaces and shoved them inside my shirt. They have a nasty habit of making their presence felt while i am in full swing jogging.

Today I turned on my GPS on my cellphone and started the trip meter to find out the distance i would jog.  as usual I selected a starting point and started jogging. The shoes held good. so far the patch work done  my Doc Mochi seems to work fine. first few minutes were quite tiring and i felt lot of muscles getting pulled in the length and breath of my leg and even my breath and heart beat seemed above normal.. but i was like “beta.. today is mah jogging day so pull up and go on…” and i went on.. fortunately those initial pains started disappearing after a few more minutes of jogging and i found myself moving into a more natural pace in rhythm with my body.

1.6 KM was the trip reading on my GPS when i thought of taking a small break. I wanted to give some rest to my body that was not too accustomed to running like that.. I walked a few minutes and then again that feeling of  “beta… go go go” and i started once again… ran for around .8 km when i stopped for a few minutes to adjust my headphones.. Did another round of 1.6 Km lap before stopping…

I am trying to jog on the kutchcha “muddy” path so as to avoid any repetitive stress related injury to any of my joints and bones and I can very well see the difference when I have to jog for a few seconds on a hard pavement.

Besides that I feel surprised that there are elderly ppl who are in the habit of walking in series and blocking the whole way such that no fellow person can pass or overtake them. Most of the time, I find myself stepping off of the path to accomodate these guys. which doesn’t make sense. I have as much right to the path as they have and since they are the one who are walking in group and blocking way they should at least stagger their walk and give way. I dunno where this common courtesy of giving way to a fellow jogger disappeared????


In the world of destiny, everything and anything that you do to change it, becomes the very cause of it….

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